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Wedding Cake Colors

Wedding Cake Colors

Your wedding cake is often the most exciting and beautiful component of your wedding reception, and nearly every guest will snap a picture of it – so why not turn a plain white wedding cake into a masterpiece by infusing a bit of color? While 50 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to display anything other than a white cake (with the exception of a fruit cake), these days you will want to use color to make it pop.

You can make a dramatic statement with your cake, choose soft romantic colors, adorn your tiers with beautiful accouterments or include popular trends of the time. But using color will definitely make your cake exciting and reflective of your tastes for your wedding theme.

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Use one color to make a bold, luscious statement. If you like vibrant, deep colors, consider red, silver, gold or violet. Other exciting bold colors include turquoise, orange, fuchsia or even black. You can have your bold tiers stand alone or you can soften them by including a stencil pattern, monogram or flowers along the tiers.


Nothing mirrors the romantic feel of a wedding than sweet and dainty pastel colors, such as lilac, pink, robin’s egg blue, pale yellow and peach. Not only can pastel cakes look elegant and regal, they can also be jazzed up to look funky.

Delicate Accouterments

Select a base color for your tiers and then adorn them with floating cherry blossoms or daisies, either in a cascade or drifting pattern. Another idea is to create a two-dimensional calico print using hand-sculpted flowers, leaves and fruits.

Multi-Colored Tiers

If you can’t decide on one color, then choose a different hue for each tier or go with stripes. If you select different colors on the outside, you can continue that pattern inside the cake as well, which is delightful for your guests. A twist on this idea is an ombre cake. Ombre literally means gradation in French and the effect is created by using a dark color at the bottom of the cake and, moving upwards, display lighter hues of the same shade.


In textiles, a damask is a reversible figured fabric with a pattern formed by weaving. On wedding cakes, a damask pattern creates an opulent, visually stunning effect. Light blue and pink foundations provide for the most jaw dropping damask wedding cakes.

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