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Trim Your Wedding Flower Budget

Niagara Falls/Niagara-on-the-Lake Weddings – Trim Your Wedding Flower Budget

Trim Your Wedding Flower BudgetPIN

Trim Your Wedding Flower Budget – Flowers are often the most beautiful décor features of your wedding day, but they can also become one of the most expensive. You want to have blooming buds for your Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding ceremony and reception, but you don’t want to blow your entire budget on a floral wall. Here are some great ways to cut your wedding flower budget without trimming the beauty.

Go Green

Using greenery, such as ferns, eucalyptus and dogwood, is a great way to fill out your bouquet, centrepieces and other floral décor without compromising beauty. Foliage is much less expensive than flowers. You can also mix in non-greenery gems, such as berries, pinecones and embellishments, such as bling, ribbon or feathers, for a striking bouquet or arrangement.

Double Duty

Make your flowers fulfill at least two functions. Your ceremony flowers can serve as centrepieces at your reception, your bridesmaids can put their bouquets on the head table, the guest-book signing table or favour table. Also, if possible, create larger tables of 10 to 12 guests instead of eight.

Get Creative

Instead of decorating your reception tables with opulent or bud-filled arrangements, think about one or two blooms in a striking petite vase. Select seasonal fruit from a local farmer’s market, light some candles to create a romantic ambiance, group favours together or use another alternative to a traditional floral centerpiece.

Be Realistic

You need to have bouquets for your bridesmaids, but do they need to be large? Your ceremony might only last for 30 minutes in total, so do you want to spend $500 on a floral arrangement for the table where you sign the licence? Figure out where you really want your flowers to bloom and then scale back or omit greenery entirely in places that don’t matter.

Go With the Season

While you can usually have any flower you want at any time of the year, you might have to pay a premium if it’s not in season. Research what flowers are in season on your wedding day and try talking to professional florists like Mulgrave Florist about those.

Trust Your Florist

Think monochromatic. If you’re really looking for a pink bouquet, then let your florist fill your bouquet with less expensive flowers, such as carnations, baby’s breath, mums or gladiolas. You might have shied away from roses or carnations, but that’s because you’re thinking about what they look like in the grocery store. Your florist will have access to many different varieties, which might pleasantly surprise you – and your budget. You may want to opt for sustainable flower delivery straight to your venue, if this is the case, do your research and see what type of services are out there that can accommodate that need.

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