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Popular Wedding Headpieces

Popular Wedding Headpieces

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in wedding headpieces, one that has elevated them to become a vital part of the bridal ensemble. A popular wedding headpieces can showoff your personality, tie the theme of your wedding together or simply add a unique or creative touch to your outfit in a way a bridal veil cannot. The wedding headpiece is increasing in popularity for a number of reasons and, like most bridal trends, you can spot them on celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman.

Wedding headpieces are a great option because you can wear them throughout the entire day, they stay in one place and require little maintenance so you don’t have to remove your wedding headpiece to eat your dinner or dance. Wedding headpieces are also very versatile and you might be able to wear it for a special occasion following your wedding, which is a special way to relive your wedding day feelings and memories.

Popular Wedding HeadpiecesPIN

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Pick Your Style

The great thing about wedding headpieces is that they come in a wide-range of styles. No matter what style of wedding gown you choose, you will find something to accentuate your ensemble. Thanks to the popularity of the Roaring 20s, there are many old Hollywood and Art Deco pieces available, including birdcage veils, but you can also select a piece that is bohemian, vintage or classy or even Indian.

Wedding Headbands

The wedding headband has replaced as one of the most popular selections for bridal headpieces. They are very low maintenance and can be adjusted without ruining your entire hairstyle. You can select a very simple band to keep every hair in place or you can opt for a sophisticated and ornate band with ribbons, rhinestones and crystal embellishments or one that will add a punch of colour to your outfit, depending on your style.

Bling It On

From fascinators to hair combs, wedding headpieces can be very glitzy, sparkly and the focal point of your wedding attire. You can select beautiful Swarvoski crystal-encrusted pieces, headpieces with large silk flowers or fun and flirty headpieces with feathers. There are endless options and most selections also cost far less than a veil.


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