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Niagara Falls wedding dance lessons

Niagara Falls Wedding Dance Lessons

The wedding dance is often the first time a newlywed couple can let their hair down and just have fun on their wedding day. But you might want to put some special effort into preparing for this special part of the day. To make it individual, fun, exciting, and unique, you might want to plan for your first wedding dance by taking some wedding dance lessons. If you’re not a good dancer or have never danced before, don’t worry; you can learn to dance in a hurry with a few private lessons, learning to dance does not have to be a perfect process, it really does not take long to get the basics and before you know it you’ll be quickstepping away on the dancefloor.

Niagara Falls wedding dance lessonsPIN

The first step in preparing for your first dance is to select the perfect song – one that you both adore and are inspired by. As there is so much music out there, it is worth sitting down with your partner and choosing a song that you both agree on. Maybe you are both interested in piano songs. If so, at least this is a start. You just need to pick one now! Don’t just pick a song from the Internet or a wedding planning book! Picking a song and appropriate dance deserves its own treatment.

Once you select a song, it won’t take long to get comfortable dancing to it. One approach is to just hold each other lovingly and sway to the music. But you might want to consider taking some private dance lessons from a local dance studio. A dance instructor will help you learn some easy dance steps that are appropriate to the music you love so well. If you want to go all out and potentially be a YouTube sensation, you can even have the dance instructor choreography an entire routine.

If you want to pay for some private lessons, the cost will ultimately depend on how involved you want your dance (or routine) to be. If you simply need to feel comfortable moving together on the dance floor, then that’s a relatively easy proposition. But if you want to wow your guests and potentially end up on YouTube (or involve your entire wedding party), that is going to take numerous lessons, time and money.

Some dance studios have a one-size-fits-all approach to wedding dance lessons. Be wary of this. Everyone has different dance abilities when they first begin. If you are a good dancer, you might not need as many lessons as someone who has two left feet. A good instructor will talk to you about your vision, listen to your song (or help you pick one if you haven’t already) and go through your options.

Generally, if you pay for one to three lessons, you’ll be able to elegantly glide around the dance floor and incorporate a few basic steps. With four to six lessons, you will have learned the basics of a ballroom or other style of dance that best suits your song, you’ll have an entrance and exit and you might even be able to include a few “wow” moves. If you approach the 10 lessons mark, you’ll be able to do something unique and special with your dance, which will also be perfected. Or, you might choose to learn a second dance to perform at a later point in the reception.

Whichever route you choose, the wedding dance is an exciting and fun part of your wedding day. If you’re looking for one more reason to take dance lessons, we’ll help you out: partner dancing can be extremely enjoyable. It can give the two of you something special to do together as a couple – even after your wedding!

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