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Best Wedding Behavior for the Bride

Best Wedding Behavior for the Bride

Weddings can bring out the best behavior in people and they can bring out the worst, especially in brides. There’s no doubt that planning a wedding is a stressful time for couples and sometimes their families and closest friends. You’ve got to think about your Charlottesville wedding photography, your venue, your guests, your transport, the list just keeps going! And, because of that, people who love you are bound to give you a bit of slack. However, if you’re planning a Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding and everyone’s telling you they’re going to be in Vancouver the week you’re getting married, it’s time to examine whether you’re turning into a Bridezilla.

Best Wedding Behavior for the BridePIN

Here are some ways to keep on your best bridal behavior:

Lose (Some) Control

Does it really matter if the tiny blossom in your hair will be exactly the same as the ones in the groomsmen’s boutonnières? Are you asking (read demanding) your entire bridal party to embark on a 15-day fast with you? How about sending a bridal party member a gift card with instructions to wax that upper lip? It’s perfectly reasonably to want to make sure your wedding is not only beautiful and special. However, it is bordering on the side of the ridiculous when you are trying to control everything and everyone. Understand that everyone wants what’s best for you on your wedding day and let go of a few of the reins. And remember, it’s okay to ask for help!

Don’t Be a Diva

Everyone knows stories about famous celebrities who demand sparkling mineral water from the slopes of the Alps to be in their dressing rooms prior to a performance. Or the actress who has 20 people catering to her every whim. Your bridesmaids and closest female relatives are certainly there to help you plan your wedding and throw you a shower and/or bachelorette party, but if you are going overboard and demanding more and more attention and expensive gifts, etc. then it’s time for a reality check. While it might be fun to jet away to Vegas for a weekend with the girls, that might not be in the budget for some of your wedding party members – especially if you’re expecting them to pay for your ticket.

Stick to a Budget

This is where things can quickly spiral out of control. And this is where having a wedding planner is crucial. Create a budget that both you and your fiancée can agree on. And that also goes for parents if they’re helping you to pay for the wedding. It’s not fair of you to go to your parents three months into the planning and ask for another $10,000 because you want more, more and more. Make sure you have the basics like a venue, a central coast wedding photographer, and a caterer and go from there. Whatever you have left can go towards the little extras. As well, you want to be fiscally responsible as you plan a wedding. You don’t want to be paying for it for the next 10 years, nor do you want to cause a rift with your new spouse over money. There’s also no need to book 3 different food vendors or swap photographers last minute because you prefer the look book on A wedding planner can easily keep you in check.

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You

This might come as a surprise, but as you plan a wedding, the world keeps on turning. So, if someone asks you how your wedding plans are going, they might be genuinely interested in knowing some of the details, but they don’t want to hear a 20-minute rant about how the caterer won’t make a special pie from your childhood. As well, it’s important to stay connected to those closest to you, especially your groom. Though brides usually do most of the wedding planning, make sure you continue to include him in the process as it moves along. And don’t neglect your family and friends. They still want to hang out with you and grab a coffee – just keep the wedding talk to a minimum.


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