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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Niagara Falls wedding dance

Niagara Falls wedding dance lessons

Niagara Falls Wedding Dance Lessons The wedding dance is often the first time a newlywed couple can let their hair down and just have fun on their wedding day. But you might want to put some special

Tiffany engagement ring

Wedding Ring Shopping with Niagara Falls Weddings

Wedding Ring Shopping with Niagara Falls Weddings Congratulations! You’re getting married. Now you need to go wedding ring shopping for an engagement and/or wedding ring. You’ve probably seen

niagara falls wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Colors

Wedding Cake Colors Your wedding cake is often the most exciting and beautiful component of your wedding reception, and nearly every guest will snap a picture of it – so why not turn a plain white

Wedding Venues 101

Niagara Falls Wedding Tips 2016

. Niagara Falls Wedding Tips 2016 You’ve been anticipating your wedding for a year or even longer. You’ve read all the magazines, you’ve learned that Spring and autumn are the most

niagara falls wedding advice

Niagara Falls Wedding Advice Your Wedding Guest List

. Niagara Falls Wedding Advice – How To Create Your Wedding Day Guest List There’s no way around it – deciding who’s going to be invited to your Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding is one